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Praying for favor.

As 2022 comes to a close I wanted to look back at all of the exciting things that have happened at Returning Home over the last year.

Community Alternative Program (CAP): Community Alternative Program is a 120-day diversionary transitional living program option for those facing jail or prison due to probation violations or new charges. There are a total of 32 beds for this program. This program allows those who want additional services and support to help address the behaviors and mindset that is continuing to keep them from living a sober healthy lifestyle. CAP provides stable housing, food security, hygiene kits, clothing, case management, mental health counseling, employment preparedness and job placement assistance, financial education, medication management, and recovery support. The curriculum is designed to reduce recidivism by improving behavior, skills, mental health, social functioning, and access to education and employment. Evidence-based programs include Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Thinking for a Change. This program is designed to be an opportunity for individuals needing environmental change or mindset shifts to be able to thrive while on community supervision. CAP expanded to Benton County this year. We have enjoyed working with the Benton County Drug Court and judicial system as a whole. Washington County also committed to extend our contract with them for CAP for three more years. What a blessing to be able to know this important program will continue for years to come. We are so blessed to live in a County that believes so much in reforming the judicial system to invest in those who struggle with mental illness, addiction, and trauma.

Aftercare Program: As many of you remember Charlotte Steele donated the property behind our current location that we lease. That was in early 2021, since then we have been raising funds and diligently working to expand our organization by building on that property. Please keep this project in prayer and we work to secure the loan and proper permits with the City of Springdale. Working with United Bank, our donors, and God’s provision 2023 will be a year of construction. This new location will have two buildings built that are two stories. Which will provide twelve living units, a commercial kitchen & dining room, plus office space. Six years ago, when we got started who could imagine having our own buildings would be possible. This space will provide a much-needed Aftercare Program. The new Aftercare Program will consist of men who have graduated our CAP and State Reentry Programs. These men will apply for and complete classes to qualify for this new program. They will stay in that program housed in the living units for six months. By doing so they will increase their ability to stay sober, gainfully employed, and addressing their trauma through weekly counseling. Giving our clients more time to save money and to make sure their next move will be into sustainable and healthy housing.

We cannot thank you all enough for such an amazing year. Our programs have expanded, our staff has expanded, which means my dependance on God has expanded. As always, our main goal is not growing larger even though naturally that has been happening. Our main goal is to increase the depth of services and embrace the impact Christ can have on the lives of those experiencing struggles with trauma, addiction, and incarceration. We have thirteen weekly volunteers that show the love of Christ to our men daily. Without our volunteers this wouldn’t be possible. Their willingness to share their time, talents, and resources builds a foundation for these men to see and believe there is a different way of life.


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