Community Alternative Program (CAP)

Finding an alternative to jail sentencing in Washington County

Each year, 45,000 people are booked into local jails in Arkansas. Many of these consist of possession of a substance and other crimes that resulted from one bad decision. At Returning Home, we know the value of mentorship, education, and working through decision-making abilities. This is why we have created the Community Alternative Program.

CAP is a 90-day diversionary transitional living program option for those facing sanctions and revocations due to probation violations. This program allows those who want additional services and support to help address the behaviors and mind set that is continuing to keep them from living a sober healthy lifestyle.


This is a huge undertaking with huge results that gives individuals in Washington County the opportunity to acquire the tools to be successful in their community. To make a worldwide impact, you must begin in your own neighborhood. That is why we are beginning this program with Washington County, Arkansas with a goal to grow to serve more communities.

OUR Facility

We are currently in the phase of raising the funds for a new facility for CAP. We have the design and amount needed to proceed, we just need donors like you to contribute to the cause. If you would like to see a difference made in jail populations and reforming the lives of men and women, click the button below to make a donation.

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