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March 2020 Newsletter

Action is Hope

In order to truly help someone change you must know where they are prior to release from

prison and now. Recently we surveyed our clients to see where their thoughts are. When

asked what their biggest concern was before release, the top answer was "where I was going" followed by "Going back to prison". Incarceration is society's way of saying we are uncomfortable with your decision making. We will place you in an environment where you will no longer make a decision. Instead of focusing on their decision-making process the stress of incarceration and the environment in prisons leads to two focuses. First being survival and second, being released from prison.

Once they are released from prison, most forget that they had decision making issues and

working on that wasn't the focus while incarcerated. We help our clients see the importance of focus/concern and assist not only in staying out of prison but flourishing into productive people. When asked what is the biggest benefit of being at Returning Home, the highest percentage was split between "Support from staff" and "Getting a new start".

Returning Home is designed to help those

coming out of incarceration to have new

hope and a new start. This is very

important as we work to repair lives and

restore families. We break down that

worry of going back to prison and redirect

the focus to good decision making.

Finally, we asked our clients to compare

the difference between how they saw their

future before to how they see see their

future now and 59% responded as "Huge


Because of your support, our staff and partner organizations work daily to provide a place

of hope. Hope for a better future that is free from crime and focuses on restoration

between community and family.


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