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Aftercare Facility Update


ing a foundation...literally.

We wanted to give an update on the Aftercare Facility Fund. We just received another

generous donation of stock worth over $54,000 dollars. With this gift, we are now up to

$159,000 toward making the dream of program expansion a reality. This building

represents a healthy next step for housing and our client's programming. The goal is

for our clients to work towards homeownership and the Aftercare Facility coupled with

Next Level Tenant classes are a great foundation for our clients.The donation of stocks is a great way to support Returning Home. Stock donations have different benefits; if you have a profit on your stocks, you can claim a charitable deduction equal to the securities fair market value and you can avoid the capital gains tax you would pay if you sold the stock. Donating stocks helps maximize your gift to nonprofits.

As always thank you for making Returning Home thrive!


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