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Returning Home Center

The Returning Home Center in Springdale Arkansas works with men and women who have a criminal history that is hindering the future they desire. At this location, we partner with Phoenix Recovery to best serve the 75 male residents who have been paroled from prison. Continue down our web page to get more details on the Center and the work that is being done there.

Community Alternative Program (CAP)

Community Alternative Program (CAP) offered by Returning Home, Inc. This is a transitional living program for individuals facing incarceration due to new charges and supervision infractions. The program provides safe and sober housing, food security,
hygiene kits, clothing, case management, mental health counseling, employment preparedness, financial education, medication management, addiction support, and recovery connection. The program is designed to reduce recidivism and help clients become self-sufficient and stable members of the community. 

Unify the Family

Unify the Family is an event in partnership with the Northwest Arkansas Community Correction Center. This event provides Returning Home the honor to work with incarcerated mothers prior to their release. The event includes a motherhood workshop on a Friday and a Carnival on Saturday. Where they are released for the day to join their children and family members for a time of games, fellowship, worship, and a message of redemption in Christ.

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Our Mission

Repairing lives and restoring families of Northwest Arkansas citizens who are imprisoned or who have been released. 


Our goal is to increase access to the foundational needs of men and women coming from incarceration to Northwest Arkansas. Each of these items is key to a successful life but limited for those with a criminal record. We come alongside our clients to connect those in need to the services that will help them successfully transition back into society. Our focus is on stable housing, eliminating food insecurities, improving access to employment and increasing job retention, assisting in acquiring personal identification, increasing access to mental and physical wellness services, and reducing substance abuse dependencies.  

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Uniting with others in Christian love to meet the needs of imprisoned and returning men and women in Northwest Arkansas.



Improving the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas by helping break the cycle of imprisonment.

Need Help?

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance from Returning Home, please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you.

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About The Center

The Center was created to provide a space for nonprofits to come together under one roof to best serve clients.

The Cener


703 N. Thompson Street

Springdale AR 72764


Mon-Fri: 8 am to 3 pm

Men and women in the NWA community needing services to assist in the area of reentry can schedule an appointment by calling 479-287-5870 or emailing us through the site.

Services We Provide









Organizations We Work With


Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program that uses twelve steps to help members overcome their addictions. 


A leading provider of sober and chem-free living environment for men recovering from alcohol abuse and substance addictions.

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Ministering to those who are physically incarcerated as well as those who find themselves imprisoned in the community they live in by the choices they have made.  

Real World Testimonial


I had reached my lowest point in November of 2015. I was doing things I would never have done before. I thought I had control over my addictions and could quit those bad habits at any time. I was homeless, using drugs, had felony charges plus a Failure to Appear.


The last straw was finding out I was pregnant. I wanted to get away from drugs and the lifestyle I had been living. I realized that I was in too deep and didn’t know how to get out of it all. I had given up too much due to my lifestyle. The first car that I completely paid for was gone. I lost friends and the trust of my family. Worst yet, I suffered a miscarriage and the custody of my two oldest daughters.


After being incarcerated four times, something had to change. The journey wasn’t easy or short. With the help, support, and love from numerous people and organizations, I now have so much.


My baby girl, Aaliyah, and I have a place to call home. I have a bigger and stronger support system, more independence and great self-confidence. I am beyond grateful and humbled at the help that has been offered and given.

Get Involved

Whether you want to donate time, resources or services, we'd love to hear from you. Returning Home relies on the support of our local community.

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Help Us

If you'd like to partner with us to help support our goal of repairing lives and restoring families, let us know what services or items you can provide and we will get in contact with you.

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Support Our Cause

Returning Home is a donor-driven ministry. A non-profit 501C3 that relies on donations from individuals and organizations to provide services for the men and women in Northwest Arkansas.

Donate online by clicking the donate button or mail a check to Returning Home at:  P.O. Box 188, Springdale AR 72765

Support Our Cause Option #2

We have a number of continual needs to directly support our clients and their desire to change their lives. The button below will take you to our nonprofit registry. On it are items like socks, underwear, toilet paper, and more. Once you purchase these items they are directly shipped to the Returning Home Center for our clients. What better stewardship than knowing exactly where your money is going. Please take the time to check out our items of need. Thanks. 



Nick Robbins

Chief Executive Officer

Since 2008, his work in the area of prison ministry includes Reentry positions with both Prison Fellowship and Pathway to Freedom. He is a Charles Colson Scholarship recipient from Wheaton College and a graduate of the School for Correctional Ministries Reentry Leadership Credential Program.

In his current role, he oversees Returning Home a Pre- Adjudication and Reentry-focused community organization in Springdale Arkansas.


A former Executive Board Member of the Correctional Ministry and Chaplains Association, a Civic Board Member of the Northwest Arkansas Community Correction Center in Fayetteville, an Advisory Board Member of the Institute of Prison Ministry, and a chair of the Washington County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.


Public Speaking: civic groups, churches, public discussion panel speaker, college, high schools, Warden Exchange Program. He married Kelly in 2008 and they have two boys Alex and Andrew.



Security Director

You can feel safe knowing this 11 pound Coton De Tulear is on the job at the Returning Home Center


Britt Gjeruldsen

Grant Coordinator

Britt works hard to keep all our grants in complience and continues to seek out new funding opportunities.


Brenda Stringfellow

CAP Program Manager

Brenda facilitates and oversees the Community Alternative Program.


Margaret Spiller

Returning Home Center Caseworker

Margaret assists our residential clients as they work to piece their life together.

Darrell Rosen.jpeg

Darrell Rosen

Fatherhood Program Manager

Darrell implements the curriculum and subject matter to help our members become better fathers.


Eric Thomas

CAP Caseworker

Eric manages our members' individual cases and checks on their progress.


Christine Coleman

Client Service Coordinator

Christine is tasked with promoting direct communication between the RHC and its clients. This is to ensure the smooth flow of operations between clients and providers.


Dwayne Thompson

CAP House Manager

Dwayne is responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the facility.


William Miller

CAP Weekend Manager

William oversees all weekend functions of CAP.

Board of Directors

Our Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Please keep us in prayer for our upcoming Unify the Family Event in December. We will be hosting incarcerated mothers, their children, and their families. Pray that the Lord uses this time to touch the heart of all those who attend.

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